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ClubIT is the leading provider of Innovative IT solutions and services for the Clubs/Gaming, Local Government, Health and Aged Care Industries.


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Aged Care

Caring for your IT and driving innovation in aged care facilities

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Clubs and Gaming

We work around the clock so your Club does at it's busiest times

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Local Government

Driving innovation in an continually challenging environment

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Focusing on your IT needs so you can focus on your customers

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  • 1 IT Consultancy

    Enjoy the luxury of never worrying about your IT systems ever again with ClubIT’s platinum level IT consultancy. With decade’s worth of experience in almost every technology in existence, our consultants can provide simple, yet effective solutions to all of your every day IT needs and more ClubIT is a

  • 2 24/7 Helpdesk

    Some IT systems and applications can just be support intensive by nature. Most of the time the burden of these support duties lands on a handful of internal staff that are either ill equipped or already over extended with their existing duties. ClubIT can solve this by integrating directly in

  • 3 IT Strategy

    Simple and reliable IT systems start and end with smart strategy. Our senior consultants have experienced both the good, the bad and the ugly of IT system design and implementation. Avoid the potential nightmares that poor IT strategy bring and get ClubIT on board with your next major project. Unfortunately

  • 4 Web and Application Development

    Sometimes you need a very specific tool for a very specific job, while cloud applications are more flexible than they have ever been, there are circumstance where you may need a custom solution, ClubIT has decades worth of commercial software background and can develop both complete applications and integrations for

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