The year is coming to a close and in just a couple of weeks, the holiday season will have officially arrived. Christmas is often the most hectic as well as the most lucrative season for retailers. Because sophisticated retailers know that attracting customers now go well beyond the brick and mortar store, it’s important to get a digital strategy mapped out as early as now possible to maximise profit.

Here are a few online retail tips that you can implement today in order to prepare for the upcoming holiday season.


Keep your focus

It’s critical to develop a strategy with your ideal client in mind. It can be tempting to try and be everything for everyone in hopes of selling more this Christmas season, but losing focus will only make you lose customers. Create marketing messages that are relevant to your ideal customers and be present in channels that they are on. Focus on 2 or 3 marketing channels at a time—such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads—to ensure that you are properly communicating with the customers that are really interested in purchasing your product.


Know your target market

Great digital strategies are based on who the target market is. Know your market: who are they, where are they hanging out (online and offline), where do they work, what are their ages, etc. to get a clear understanding of what will make them convert into paying customers. Most importantly, know what are their dreams and aspirations and incorporate the right holiday messages into your online strategy.


Get your customer journey mapped out

Whether it’s the holiday season or not, it’s critical for retailers to design their customer journey. You need to do some research in order to identify what are your customers’ first touchpoint with your brand. Is it your website? Your Facebook page? What about the Google Ads you’re running? Whatever it is, be sure to put strong calls-to-action in place so you can get customers to lead them towards making a purchase. By designing a client journey, you are able to optimise your digital strategy for conversion every step of the way, including not just the first touchpoint, but also upsells, cross-sells, and suggested products.


Test your strategy ahead of time

The great thing about working on a holiday digital strategy ahead of time is that it gives you time to test. Assess the effectiveness of your strategy and and evaluate your ROI during this testing period. Make the necessary adjustments so you are able to maximise your returns.


Maximise your use of retargeting tactics

According to Moz, retargeting “allows you to serve ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand online.” Take advantage of this tactic in order to get in touch with those who abandoned their shopping carts or visited product pages without making a purchase. It’s important to remember that a website visitor leaving does not mean they are not interested; maybe they just aren’t ready to buy. If you don’t have a retargeting strategy in place for the holidays, make sure to create one in order to increase your conversions.


As the retail industry shifts more and more into digital, Australian retailers will need to implement sophisticated and complex operations with a seamless store and online offering—especially this holiday season. If you’re ready to create your digital supply chain, contact Club IT today.