Aged Care

Caring for your IT and driving innovation in aged care facilities

As technologically savvy citizens transition into residential care, aged care providers are making moves to adapt their service offerings to meet new demands and challenges.

Working within the parameters of a compliance driven industry, ClubIT has successfully driven innovation and managed system updates to enable aged care services to evolve with new client needs when it comes to connectivity, cloud systems, communications, security, privacy and recreation.

ClubIT has extensive experience in the management and implementation of all major healthcare systems such as iCareHealth, Leecare, AutumnCare, Inerva and many others.

ClubIT has a deep understanding the sensitive and growing requirements of the aged care industry, we tackle challenges with:

• Diligent IT strategy planning to meet the needs of today yet, have the capacity and resources for tomorrow.
• Driving efficiencies with a plan to better utilize and free-up existing technology and software by employing a range of the latest cloud technologies.
• Review and implementation of mobile solutions for more mobile and flexible service delivery in both community and residential care.
• Change management and proper assessment of the skills, abilities, challenges and roles of existing staff, ClubIT understands many Aged Care facilities have an aging workforce and require built in simplicity and ease of use into every IT project.
• Customising new or existing IT software solutions to meet the specific needs of your organisation.
• Connecting multiple sites and their systems with technologies such as enterprise wireless.
• Around the clock IT systems management and maintenance ensuring your companies needs are taken care of 24/7 so you can focus on your clients needs.

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