Local Government

Driving innovation in an continually challenging environment

Local government is continually being tasked with delivering more and more services (often put in legislation by others) and is contunually limited on it’s resources to deliver those increasing needs, Doing more with less is the daily challenge for Local Government and ClubIT helps councils meet that challenge by modernizing their IT systems to work more cohesively with legacy systems, deliverying IT efficienies through various technologies such as virtualisation and extending the existing capacity of council’s systems through customised solutions.

Whether it’s repurposing existing hardware for dedicated tasks, or eliminating the need for new purchases by integrating existing software to cross-channel communicate for customised reporting, ClubIT can help.

ClubIT is able to work with ad-hoc urgent requests as well as the round-the-clock needs of local Government, we develop in conjunction with clients Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure a guaranteed response rate when it comes to managing IT challenges swiftly.

Some of the specific industry software we are highly familiar with includes Civica Authority, TRIM as well as other document (and asset) management programs.

Understanding the specific requirements and sensitivities of local Government, we tackle challenges by:

  • Examining departmental needs of software and hardware and work to extend functionality wherever possible
  • Creating custom integration by bridging the gaps between existing software and systems that do not communicate as a standard, therefore creating access to tailored data insights e.g. Geographical Information Systems
  • Facilitating and overseeing change management to ensure reduced down-times and fast resolution
  • Guaranteeing a level of IT service and time of response for all requests through an agreed SLA


If you would like more information on what we can do for your council or have something in mind, please request a proposal.

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