I read a lot about cloud infrastructure being highly scalable with the ability to easily increase system resources as a business’s needs grow, this is correct but this isn’t unique to cloud based systems.

Underneath all of the marketing hyperbole, on a technical level all of the modern server deployments use the same virtualisation technology, from a technology point of view there is zero difference between a modern onsite server deployment vs a cloud system.

The key differences are:

Financial: Leasing someone’s server resources vs buying your own.

Logistics: Hosting a server onsite vs Hosting it in a data centre.

The rest of it is all marketing.

Cloud is hyped up all the time because from a provider point of view its a great business model, you rent out hardware resources for a monthly fee to clients instead of selling them hardware. So as well as getting an ongoing fee for maintaining the system, providers also receive a fee for the client renting their resources.

At ClubIT, We give you a no marketing BS approach to Cloud systems, where there are distinct advantages in a cloud system we will recommend it, where there is not, we will recommend your own infrastructure, just like leasing vs buying any other resource in your business there are always pros and cons depending upon the circumstances.

Because of this, many of our clients typically end up with a hybrid approach, some systems make sense being in the cloud while others may not.

if you’re looking at new solutions and aren’t sure about whether a cloud or onsite solution is better, schedule a call and we can have a chat.