24/7 Helpdesk

Some IT systems and applications can just be support intensive by nature.

Most of the time the burden of these support duties lands on a handful of internal staff that are either ill equipped or already over extended with their existing duties.

ClubIT can solve this by integrating directly in within your organisation and becoming your own personalised 24/7 helpdesk.

ClubIT can offer a 24/7 IT Helpdesk for your business providing a direct number and job ticketing system which your staff can submit issues directly to.

ClubIT can offer this service on a permanent or contract basis for example, you may be implementing a new software program or system and would like a helpdesk available for the first 6 months of operation for staff.

ClubIT’s range of IT professionals have extensive experience in literally hundreds of priority and commercial applications and can quickly adapt to new systems and applications more so than the average user.

24/7 Helpdesk can ease the burden on your existing resources enabling you to expand your own capabilities without the hassle of acquiring additional human and IT resources.

The 24/7 Helpdesk features and functionality can be customised based on your requirements, service levels, response times and other key features can also be customised giving you the flexibility you need in your business to deliver on your core daily functions effectively.

If you’d like to get a 24/7 Helpdesk setup for your business please request a proposal.