IT Consultancy

Enjoy the luxury of never worrying about your IT systems ever again with ClubIT’s platinum level IT consultancy. With decade’s worth of experience in almost every technology in existence, our consultants can provide simple, yet effective solutions to all of your every day IT needs and more

ClubIT is a highly specialised consultancy that has excelled in providing services to industries where agility, innovation and adaptability are fundamental to success.

Offering round-the-clock servicing, our highly responsive booking system means that we guarantee a response to your need within 2 hours and can provide immediate and intensive crisis management.

We don’t just streamline and simplify your own systems, we make it our business to enhance your understanding of your IT through education and tutorials. This not only means you’re more confident in system operation, but:

  • You and your staff make fewer costly errors
  • Minor issues can be resolved without a call-out
  • You and your staff utilise your new systems to their full extent, and
  • You and your staff can focus on what you do best

Providing comprehensive services, we can:

  • Install and maintain servers
  • Integrate software
  • Manage all network infrastructure including wireless technologies
  • Serve as your personal IT Help Desk
  • Deploy new computer systems seamlessly
  • Restore, fix and upgrade hardware, and so much more!


If you’d like ClubIT to assist with your business request a proposal today!