Centralise your most important tools for your business such as your emails, contacts, your calendar, even some of your data.
ClubIT specialises in cloud service, whether you simply want to start a fresh, or migrate your service.

Cloud Applications like Google Apps for Work offers professional email, shared calendars, online storage and more.
With your services on the Google cloud, you have the capability of accessing your information from anywhere including your phone or tablet, from inside the office, to the comfort of your very home.

Google Apps also keeps your domain name too so you don’t have to change it. This makes it easier for your customers to stay in touch with your company and vice versa.

ClubIT Can supply you with all of the benefits of Google Apps without the hassle or expenses of your local server running the service for you. We can setup Google Apps in a way that’s tailored for your company, small or large, we have a solution.