Custom Hardware

The early computer designers of the 50’s used to have this problem on a regular basis, they routinely had problems to fix or new challenges to complete, but the solution to address the challenge was a part that hadn’t existed yet, so they invented the part (the solution).

Often we know what our solution is, but the solution itself doesn’t exist in the physical world, the solution is merely a thought bubble in our head, ClubIT frees those thoughts from the mind and brings them into the physical world through creativity and decades of refined processes.

The advent of 3D printing and huge advancement of embedded systems and technologies (mostly due to the rapid evolution of smartphones) has made hardware development more accessible than ever.

ClubIT has a number of key technical partners that enable us to develop anything imaginable, ClubIT can drive the design process, ClubIT can have customized chips, boards and interfaces designed, constructed and mass manufactured for any kind of project big or small.

With the growth of modular technologies ClubIT also has the capacity to quickly prototype hardware concepts using off the shelf modules and technologies based on your project specification.

Some of ClubIT’s specialties include:

– Customised Terminals and Kiosks providing both customer information, payment and ticketing.
– Telehealth systems.
– Embedded Linux based systems.
– Serial IO Interfacing
– Card reading and payment technology
– Smart networking systems.

For more information, please contact ClubIT with your project requirements today.